Hugo Lambrechts Trust

Since its inception, the Hugo Lambrechts Music Centre has maintained an exceptionally high standard in all the activities it offers.

For the past few years, there has not been any further development in the departmental establishment of the Centre and at the moment the possibility of being allocated additional posts by the Education Department seems even slighter.  With the exception of staff salaries, the department’s present financial support is minimal.

All musical instruments are purchased from overseas and the acquisition of more expensive instruments remains a challenge.

Then there are still many other dreams and ideals for the sustainable support, maintenance and expansion of the Hugo Lambrechts Music Centre.  An aspect of great importance and relevance to the present situation is definitely to make bursaries available to talented young musicians.

In order to realise all the above-mentioned ideals, the Hugo Lambrechts Music Trust has been established.  Contributions to the Music Trust are invested to ensure the long term stability of the Music Centre.  Only the interest on investments will be utilised for the purpose for which the donations were made.  All requests regarding the utilisation of specific funds will be honoured.

As it is our 30th anniversary next year, it is our ideal, particularly at the time, to ensure greater financial independence to the Music Centre.  I hereby wish to request you to share in the strategy to support, maintain and expand the Music Centre by means of a financial contribution.  All donations to the trust are tax deductible.  A receipt with the relevant information will be issued to each donor.

In addition, recognition will be given visibly to donations exceeding a certain amount.  The names of the donors will be displayed on an impressive board in the foyer of the Centre and will also appear in Centre publications.  The following classes are available:

Concerto Class:  R50,000
Symphony Class:  R20,000
Overture Class:  R5 000,00

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