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The Hugo Lambrechts Music Centre Development Programme was started in 2005 with the establishment of the Silversands Primary School project. Rosendal, John Pama and Kalksteenfontein Primary School subsequently joined the programme.

This programme enables learners from disadvantaged communities to receive lessons and instruments free of charge. All students receive individual or group practical tuition and attend a theory class once a week. The teachers from the relevant schools/projects assist the learners with practicing their instruments during the week.

The programme initially started with flute, clarinet, violin, cello, trumpet, euphonium and percussion but has since expanded to include; oboe, bassoon, saxophone, trombone and tuba. More advanced students are offered the opportunity to enroll for UNISA examination, kindly sponsored by the UNISA Music Foundation.

Each development project has an ensemble/orchestra. These groups perform regularly at Centre events for example at the annual Orchestras Concert. These students are also afforded the opportunity to participate in the Centre orchestras.

The projects each have a centre co-coordinator and a school representative to supervise the programme and its needs.

Financing of this project is currently done with funding that the Governing Body of the Hugo Lambrechts Music Centre annually approves from its budget. This funding is unfortunately not nearly sufficient to provide in all the needs pertaining to this program. A big part of the cost is the purchase and maintenance of music instruments. Where possible, the learners pay an annual registration fee of R100, which helps to cover some of the cost.

Support for the programme, in the form of instrument and reed donations has come from as far as the United States of America. Benefactors can contribute to this programme through the Hugo Lambrechts Music Trust. Donations are tax deductible.

Silversands Primary School Instrumental Music Development Programme

The Silversands Primary School Instrumental Music Development Programme was established in 2004 as an initiative of the previous principal, Mr Christo van der Rheede. Since its establishment the programme has grown from a small select group to include 65 learners. The coordinator is Mr Patrick Visser. Parents who escort the group to Hugo Lambrechts weekly to supervise the children in the homework room, support him.

All the pupils receive individual or group practical tuition and they attend a theory class. The most advanced players are members of the school Orchestra, directed by our flute teacher Ms Jeanie Kelly. The Orchestra performs at all the Hugo Lambrechts orchestra concerts, the school prize giving ceremonies as well as at local community events. The group has already performed at various key events in Cape Town.

After an initial start on flute, clarinet, violin, cello, trumpet, euphonium and percussion, the programme has now expanded to include oboe, bassoon, saxophone, trombone and tuba.

The first four candidates passed their UNISA music examinations last year, kindly sponsored by the UNISA Music Foundation.

Pupils pay an annual registration fee of R100 and receive tuition and instruments free of charge. Parents remain responsible for the maintenance of the instruments. Support for the programme, in the form of instrument and reed donations, has come from as far as far as the United States.

Rosendal Primary School (Delft)

Since the beginning of 2006 the Music Centre started with a development programme at the Rosendal Primary School in Deft.

The staff helped to identify some talented learners and after the auditions at the Music Centre 21 pupils were elected to play a symphonic instrument. We placed 4 pupils on string instruments 4 on woodwind instruments 10 on brass instruments and 3 on percussion. These pupils come to the Music Centre on Thursdays for their music lessons on the instruments as well as theory. The teacher at the school help them to practise regularly.

Since the beginning of 2007 the Rosendal Ensemble was formed. This group of musicians practice every week and they had 5 performances throughout the year. The highlight was there performance at the prestigious 21 celebration of the Music Centre’s orchestras.

This year the group has grown to 32 learners and some of the learners are already members of the Centres orchestras. Some of them are also going to enroll for an extra-mural exam.

Riebeeck Street Primary School, Belhar, Bonteheuwel

The Hugo Lambrechts Music Centre recently welcomed another school on board of our Development Programme. A Total of 28 students of the Riebeeck Street Primary School, situated in Belhar, Bonteheuwel passed their auditions to start with tuition on a woodwind / brass instrument at the Centre. Lessons commenced during the second week of February and all students will complete a six months training course on the recorder before starting on the orchestral woodwind / brass instrument suited for them. In this way they also learn the responsibility of taking care of an instrument and practise-discipline. Group lessons take place on Mondays 11h00 – 12h00 which includes a music appreciation / theory and practical lesson.

Kalksteenfontein Primary School

Kalksteenfontein Primary School joined in 2009. Mr Arendse, the headmaster of Kalkteenfontein Primary School is the driving force behind the project, having contacted the Centre in 2008 in order to start a Music Programme at the School.

Toufeega Adams (with an average of 86%) was awarded as Top Student for Kalksteenfontein at the annual Prestige Concert in November 2009.

The school supplies their own instruments and the student numbers are dependant on the availability of instruments. Currently there are 21 students in the project.

Matroosberg Primary School

Matroosbergweg Primary began with lessons at the Music Centre in 2013. Ms Felicia Solomons is the school co-ordinator of this project. The school serves a very poor community in Belhar that is crippled with unemployment. Learners are drawn from Belhar, Delft and the informal settlements in the surrounding areas. High unemployment has resulted in the school being declared a ‘no fee’ school and the focus has been on providing for the basic educational needs of the learners. There are currently 14 students that come for lessons at the music centre and each student has his/her own instrument on generous loan from a private sponsor. Matroosbergweg Primary School recently celebrated their 30 year anniversary (1983-2013) and the music students taking violin lessons performed at this event under the name “Violins for Violence”.

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