What We Teach

The Hugo Lambrechts Music Centre offers specialised one-on-one practical music tuition in all symphonic instruments as well as piano, voice, harp and guitar. Music Theory and Basic Music Education classes are available in group class settings. Participation in orchestras and ensembles, relative to the learner’s ability, is an integral component of the music education and training programme.

Strings, Harp & Guitar

Violin / Viola

Lee-Ann Cloete, Kaylin Levendal, Felicia Salies-Petersen & Zelda Wepner


Lynne Donson

Double Bass


Kobie du Plessis


Alexander Comninos & Michal George

Brass & Percussion


Renaldo Wales & Carin Brand


Carin Brand

Euphonium & Tuba

Carin Brand

French Horn

Lindsay Mulgrew


Suzette Brits

Woodwinds & Voice

Clarinet & Saxophone

Liam Burden, Charlene Saayman & Arisa Voges


Jeanie Kelly

Oboe & Bassoon

Liam Burden & Caron Tremble


Marcelle Steinmetz

Piano & Music Theory


Carike Byker, Vanessa Phillips, Lindsay Mulgrew & Tessa de Groote

Music Theory

Music Theory is offered in weekly group classes. The size of each class will depend on the demand at the time. Curriculum followed includes UNISA and ABRSM Theory Grades 1 to 6.

Basic Music Education

Basic Music Education group classes are offered to young learners who are not yet ready to start on an instrument. These classes develop the aural awareness (pitch recognition and basic rhythmic skills) of the learners. Participants are also introduced to the basic elements of music and all the instruments offered at the Music Centre. This short-term tuition programme prepares a learner for an audition into the instrumental programme of the Music Centre.


Participating in orchestras and ensembles is an integral component of our music education programme. Students from teachers and schools outside of the Music Centre are welcome to join our orchestras.

Orchestras include:


Beginner Wind Band                                                   Conductor:  Arisa Voges

Junior Wind Band                                                        Conductor:  Jeanie Kelly

Senior Wind Band                                                        Conductor:  Charlene Saayman



Beginner String Orchestra                                       Conductor:  Lynne Donson

Young Strings                                                                 Conductor:  Felicia Salies-Petersen

Junior String Orchestra                                            Conductor:  Lee-Ann Cloete

Intermediate Strings Orchestra                           Conductor:  Zelda Wepner




Junior Symphony Orchestra                                 Conductor:  Liam Burden

Hugo Lambrechts Symphony Orchestra        Conductor:  Liam Burden

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